Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poor Love Bug

"Ah Nose."
My poor little love bug is sick... but, she wipes her nose like a big girl with her bandana handkerchief.

My Poor Tootie
She felt poopy enough to fall asleep while nursing and watching a movie in the bright living room, which she never does. When I laid her down on the couch cushions in front of the couch, she woke up, but let me put a blanket on her and tuck Carmen, her sock monkey, in with her. I told her, "You just lay here and get some rest, okay?" She stuffily replied, "K." Then she just laid there, watching the movie. She's never this mellow outside of bedtime in our dark bedroom on our bed.

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Tina said...

Aw, poor Munchkin! I always knew when my little guys were sick when they fell asleep all on their own, out of nowhere. (They would fight me when it was nap time..) I hope she feels better soon.