Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cookies & Carriers

Pink Sugar Cookies
I made some pink sugar cookies like the famous commercial pink sugar cookies. They weren't exactly the same, but pretty close and definitely cure the craving for one... or two... or five.

Cookie Time!
Little Miss was sooooo ecstatic to try one of my pink sugar cookies. I mean, just look at her face! She was such a good girl, too. When I set it down to take of picture of her with it, she didn't try to pick it up, she just hovered over it, smiling and saying, "Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!" and waiting for me to give her some.

Blue Floral Mei Tai
I sewed this blue floral mei tai for a couple who are dear friends of ours. They have been borrowing our Sleepy Wrap since their baby girl was born, but they're moving to another city soon and I didn't want to leave them without an awesome baby wearing device once they returned my wrap before moving.

Test Run on the Mei Tai Gift
Little Miss helped me test it out. She was having fun saying, "Cheese!" for the camera, probably because cheese is one of her favorite foods. I was really afraid that not pleating the wide straps wouldn't leave much room for a baby's legs, but it works just fine! And if it's rolled up to make it shorter for a newborn, the legs would be tucked in or so little anyway, it's still going to work nicely. I will be sewing the carriers in this way from now on as it's much easier and quicker.

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Jessica said...

Still so crafty! I love the mei tai and your cookies look scrumptious! (: