Monday, June 11, 2012

The Freezer Pop Sock Has Arrived!

I knit a freezer pop sock for Little Miss to keep her little hands from freezing! I was putting the popsicles in one of my plain ol' white socks... But that's not very fun, is it? I posted it on facebook and not two minutes later a friend asked, "How much?" she ordered two today. I'll also be knitting some for my sister and her two girls and one for Teen Miss. I think might try to sell these on Etsy too. Message me if your interested in buying any!

For more of what we're doing, visit my flickr photos!


Tina said...

That's a good idea. She is getting so big, so fast! Seems like she went from baby to toddler in no time. :)

breakmydreams said...

Very cute idea :)
May have to make some for myself soon :)